For over 40 years, ORBILAN has been developing and producing semi-finished and finished parts from high-molecular and ultra-high-molecular low-pressure polyethylene using the press-sintering process. Know-how and the in-house quality management system are guarantors of consistently high product quality.

Process monitoring and testing of materials

Innovative production technologies are used in our modern production plant. The recipes for our semi-finished products consist of high-quality raw materials and are subject to a permanent monitoring process. Our production facilities are controlled, monitored and visualised by modern programmable logic controllers and computer systems.

Regular testing of material characteristics in our in-house technical centre and in cooperation with external partners ensures the consistent quality of our high-quality products.


Semi-finished products

ORBILAN produces semi-finished products from high-molecular and ultra-high-molecular low-pressure polyethylene using the press-sintering process. The basis for this is the highest quality raw materials. Regular tests of the material characteristics in our in-house technical centre and by external partners ensure a consistently high quality standard.


Finished parts

Our semi-finished products are used to produce high-quality finished parts that have to fulfil demanding and highly individual tasks for our customers. ORBILAN has the technical equipment, the production know-how and the accumulated knowledge of the specific properties of the required materials to supply our clientele with products that solve specific problems.

Fields of application

We have developed our materials over many years, optimised them for specific tasks and adapted them to new requirements. They contain all our experience and the know-how of many experts. They are characterised by very good sliding properties, high wear resistance and impact strength, high noise damping, good chemical resistance and very low moisture absorption. The areas of application are incredibly diverse and range from the food industry to mechanical engineering. We will also find your individual solution for your company and your task – just talk to us.


Mechanical & plant engineering

Filling & packaging industry

Bulk solids industry & wear protection technology

Beverage & food industry

Chemical & paper industry

Medical technology & pharmaceutical industry

Port construction & fender technology

Fields of application

Conveyor technology & automation

Drinking water & waste water technology

Oil & gas

Agricultural & farm technology

Crane & lifting technology

Nuclear industry


Construction building


Article examples

Ram protection & cutting plates

Load & workpiece carriers

Support elements & support plates

Roadway slabs

Alpine technique & ice skating slabs

Agricultural & farm technology